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†Sexual Beasts† [Tsukasa & Karyu]

~Lucky Strikes and Vampires, rawr~

†Sexual Beasts† [Tsukasa&Karyu]
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Welcome to †Sexual Beasts†
A community dedicated to Tsukasa and Karyu [D'espairs Ray]

+Why *just* them?+: Because i like them more than Zero and Hizumi -don't take me wrong, i like the four of them ^^- I got really into D'espairs Ray after a weird dream i had, involving Tsukasa (I didn't know it was Tsukasa until i looked at some pics). After that dream, Tsukasa became my "husband" (daydreaming is for free ;3), and well, after i saw D'espairs Ray HOTWAVE interview, i fell in love with Karyu's nose...Yes, his nose! I'm such a weirdo @.@Uu
I love Tsukasa for no apparent reason and i think Karyu's nose is cute :3. That's why all this is just about them~


0. Make an introduction post after joining ^^
1. Don't spam
2. Even when i'm an OT [Off Topic] girl at heart, please try to stay on topic...
3. ...wich is anything Karyu/Tsukasa/D'espairs Ray related
4. Be nice to the other members ^-^
5. Posting fanart and fanfiction is OK, but nothing "yaoi" ("shounen ai" on the other hand, is welcome...yaoi would be..too much x.x)
6. Just as with fanart/fanfics, such things as icons, banners, or lovebars with D'espairs Ray on them is welcome too, so, show off your work! ^.^
7. When posting too much text or big pictures, please, put them behind a LJ-cut

I guess for now, that's all <(^.^)>


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